About us

Tri Pointe Homes isn’t just one of the nation’s leading homebuilders, we’re in the business of changing lives. We create homes and neighborhoods that make a premium lifestyle possible for our customers—whatever their price point or life stage. Our passion for design and innovation and our people-first philosophy are recognized throughout the industry. Tri Pointe is a publicly traded company with deep ties to the communities we serve—some for as long as a century. We are proud to be local specialists on a national scale, customer-driven and committed to environmentally responsible business practices and enduring craftmanship.


We’re in the life-changing business, dedicated to designing homes, neighborhoods and experiences that inspire and uplift our customers, our team members and the communities we serve.





We know we don’t know everything. We’re constantly learning and growing. We put the needs of our team members and customers ahead of ourselves. And we let our actions and outcomes speak for themselves.


We trust each other to act; to take responsibility; to make good decisions. It creates opportunity and builds confidence in each of us and in our team.


We’re open and honest with each other. We are real people—who embrace each other as individuals with diverse backgrounds and points of view.


We set ambitious, achievable goals and are disciplined, resourceful and laser-focused about attaining what we set out to do. We embrace challenges and celebrate wins.


We are nothing without each other in this business. Respect and collaboration are everything. How we work together, what we share and the way we support each other make all the difference in our results—and the quality of life we create each day.


  Best of Big and Small

We are local specialists on a national scale. Proud of our homegrown heritage and trusted community relationships. Empowered by the combined strength of our company-wide financial resources, design leadership and technology platforms. It’s big thinking with a personal approach that makes us better together.

  Customer Driven

Homebuyers are our inspiration. Where we build, how we design and the overall experience we create all spring from a deep understanding of how our customers want to live. We don’t just focus on life inside the home, we believe in building community, in every sense of the word—from the connected locations we select to our commitment to social responsibility. We exist to create solutions that far exceed our homebuyers’ expectations and truly enhance their lives.

  Premium Lifestyle Brand

We’re recognized in this industry for setting trends and paving new paths forward. We approach the entire homeowning experience—from design, to personalization and craftsmanship—with the same open-minded, progressive spirit as other leading lifestyle brands.

The result is innovative programs like LivingSmart®, our commitment to healthy and environmentally responsible business practices and Tri Pointe Solutions, our suite of services that streamline the buying process, start to finish.  

We’re not just a leading homebuilder. We’re about making a premium lifestyle possible for our customers, whatever their price point or life stage.

  Passionate Culture

We are a people-first company—a team of passionate individuals who see our mission of being in the life-changing business as a true calling. Together, we achieve outstanding results that honor our shared values. We care deeply about helping our homebuyers achieve their dreams—about building thriving communities and empowering our team members to love what they do.


Our family of homebuilders have been honored hundreds of times by the building industry and the local community alike. These awards mean that through innovation, creativity, excellence and quality, Tri Pointe Homes homebuilders have risen above hundreds of entries, distinguishing our company as one of the finest among exceptional homebuilders across the country. Tri Pointe Homes has also received the following accolades: